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Liu Jo Women's Clothing and Accessories

Liu Jo's creative philosophy reflects a vision of femininity that is not a simple aesthetic elaboration, but a deeper and more intimate exploration of the unique and instinctive strength, personality and beauty of every woman.

It offers contemporary and stimulating creations, characterized by a glamorous style and an all-Italian audacity that invites women to mix and interpret the garments to express their personality and physicality in a free and seductive way.

This is how Liu Jo's creative philosophy is outlined, a manifesto of empowerment that combines Italian style with a constant search for excellent materials and scrupulous attention to detail.

The excellence of Made in Italy clothing

From its origins in one of the districts of excellence of Made in Italy clothing to its affirmation as a premium brand of Italian fashion recognized internationally and with a capillary network of stores around the world, Liu Jo has written the chapters of a story year after year which over time has become a real entrepreneurial philosophy, conceived starting from a vision of the contemporary woman.

The origins of the Liu Jo brand

During 1995, from an intuition of Marco and Vannis Marchi, Liu Jo was born with its first lines. The growth path of the brand is established first through the multi-brand channel and subsequently, with further consolidation, through the single-brand channel in Italy and abroad.

Unique clothing and accessories

In this collection you can compose your own Liu Jo outfit, you will find all the items of the brand, from jackets to coats, slim fit trousers and silk shirts.