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Dr Martens: Details, Price and Delivery

When you think of Britain, there is no other product than the 1460s to best represent the postwar working class. Over the years, Dr Martens articles made their way through the seventies, becoming one of the icons that represented the rebellion of the boys.

But who is the creator of this brand? In the next few lines, we have decided to give you a basic smattering, understanding what were the first products in terms of footwear that were invented for this brand, which became famous all over the world.

Dr Martens history

The story begins way back in 1945 in Munich, when the German doctor Klaus returns home with a fractured foot, and not finding the perfect footwear for him, he created an air-cushioned sole for greater cushioning and traction.

Then, he then created a new shoe model together with his friend and engineer Herbert Funk.The two became business partners and began using scrap rubber and other disused military supplies to produce their innovative footwear. At first, these shoes were particularly popular with housewives and elderly ladies.

In 1959 the business also expanded abroad and in the United Kingdom. This is where the collaboration with the Griggs family begins, and later, thanks to the color, characteristics and material used, it spread among the operatives and police officers. Then, I go on to be a symbol of grunge and skinhead and punk culture.

Dr Martens boots for men and women

People love Dr Martens it, and today, it is one of the most popular shoe categories among young people and the fashion world. In fact, in recent times, he has created special collections such as The Vintage Collection which aims to bring shoes back to the 60s.

Even today, both men's and women's Dr Martens boots are made of the highest quality materials. We are talking about PVC sole, cut and impact resistant leather. Over time, Dr Martens continues to use an effective and simple mass production process.

New Dr Martens collection

Today the catalog has become much larger, in our selection you will not only find the classic 1460 smooth amphibian, but many other successful models, such as the Dr Martens platform shoes Jadon II and Molly , all models with a transparent ICED bottom, but also the 1460 low , the Sinclair with the removable Zip accessory and all the models with the brand new Audrick bottom. All dr Martens platform boots are among the hottest women's models right now.

In addition to the new collection, if you are looking for Dr Martens Sale you are in the right place, in this collection you will also find the platform models on offer starting from size 36 in smooth leather with a typical air cushion.

From this winter you will also find the dr martens 1460 models in platform version! The dr martens sales are also waiting in the men's collection with many fantastic models.

Buying a pair of dr Martens black shoes with yellow stitching is really simple: After choosing among the various models of dr Martens amphibians, combine them with the new looks that we have included in the Men's Clothing and Women 's Clothing category to have a perfect look in any time. You can buy your new Dr Martens here on with free shipping for orders over € 99. You will find competitive prices and always active promotions

The Dr. Martens boots to add immediately to your cart:

Among our favorite models we certainly find the Dr. Martens in soft leather Pascal Virginia, made of full grain leather, the Dr. Martens woman in soft leather are also available in the version with black stitching, and in the editions with platform, such as the best seller 1460 pascal Max with 6 cm platform.

Among the Dr. Martens soft leather women you will also find other models such as the 1460 PASCAL BEX BLACK PISA , the 1460 PASCAL MAX LEATHER PLATFORM BOOTS, the 1460 PASCAL VIRGINIA mono white LEATHER BOOTS and the SINCLAIR MILLED NAPPA LEATHER PLATFORM BOOTS.

Among our favorite models there are also the dr Martens black stitching, that is all the Mono Black models, therefore 1461 MONO, the PLATFORM JADON VEGAN II MONO BOOTS and the 1460 PASCAL VIRGINIA MONO model. On you will also find a selection of dr martens platform sales, among the most popular dr martens platform boots you will find the Jadon, the Jadon Max and the Molly



Over the decades, we've seen Docs fans tie their shoes and boots in the weirdest and most interesting ways. Below, we offer you the four classic lacing methods for dr martens boots ...


It's no secret that our boots can take a day or two to soften. But what is less known is that there are many small tricks that you can follow to wear them for the first few times. We appealed to our community and asked what methods our loyal fans have used most over the years.


Dr. Maertens was an inventor. From a young age, his head was a hotbed of ideas and possibilities. The iconic cushioned sole found under our footwear is his most famous invention, but this is just one of a long list of projects he worked on and tried to launch. The 1460 model with air cushion ...

What are the dott martens platform models?

Dr. MArtens produces several Platform models, among the most common are the Jadon, the Molli and the Sinclair. The differences between the models are in the eyelets, the jadon are classic 8 holes, the springs have a thicker lace and wider eyelets, the Sinclair have an accessory that allows zip closure.

What are the classic models?

the martens classic boots are the 1460 model with air bearing cushion